MSX Repository

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     Our goal is to keep the legacy of one of the most interesting computers from the 80's - 90's alive - The MSX.

     We are aware that there are hundreds of excellent websites devoted to MSX, all of them with a lot of great quality material. However, software paperwork is extremely hard to find online, notably game manuals. There are very few of them available, mostly cover scans or raw photos.

     In this website we'll try to keep a paperwork repository for MSX software, including labels, box art, manuals and everything else that we could lay our hands on, all of them scanned in hi-res (300 DPI). Game manuals will be scanned on a page-by-page basis and gathered in a PDF file that will be available for download.

     If you are the copyright holder of the artwork hosted in this website please bear in mind that we do not intend to make a profit from your material (and we assure you we will never try to) - our sole purpose is to preserve a huge and very important part or computer history. We are only fighting for preservation. However, if you do have a problem with that please do not hesitate contacting us.